Monday, 14 April 2008

Holiday Sketches

These two sketches are from Malta. We stopped at this place called St Julians Bay and found a nice restaurant over looking the water. We stayed there for a couple of hours drinking tea, which is where i did these. Later on that day as the sun was going down, we stumbled upon the local Roman Catholic Good Friday procession. We followed hundreds of tiny old Maltese woman, walking through back alleys surrounding a large bust of the Virgin Mary until we reached a massive cathedral. We sat down during the service but soon bailed after I found out i couldn't sing in Latin...


Here's some early boards for a project I've been working on for ages called CrossFire. It's a sad story...

Red Pallette

Here are some panels for a short film by Tedium Pictures called 'Red Pallette'... It's about and artist who neglects the welfare of his own life model and pays the ultimate price... sounds weird?- wait till you see it..